Since 1982, FENSTER CONSULTING has worked as an extension of our clients' organization, offering a single source for all productivity improvement, facility planning, design, equipment layout, materials handling engineering, integrated packaging systems and construction services. 

Our expertise in all aspects of industrial operations enables us to show you not only what works, but what works best and will improve productivity. 
We have engineered equipment layouts in many different systems in manufacturing and warehouses.   Our clients are in the Bakery, Food, Beverage, Apparel, Electronic, and Distribution Industries. 

Our experience enables us to help you by applying the latest in Materials Handling and Packaging technology.
  Each project, equipment layout, equipment selection is approached with complete independence and objectivity, we do not sell any equipment.

To engineer the best layout, we analyze the productivity of each production and warehouse process; we determine if it needs to be refined or re-engineered. To minimize the  warehouse space needed, the inventory profile is matched with the storage equipment. Then the aisle, staging, and storage arrangement is engineered.   Detailed functional specifications are engineered to insure what is built is what is designed.